2019 Registered Exhibitors

This list will be continually updated until the start of the convention each year.
Please check back for updates.

Company Name Type of Business Website Company Name Sort Website Booth Number
99Pledges Online Fundraising Software www.99pledges.com 99Pledges www.99pledges.com TBD
Adrenaline Fundraising Sports Fundraising www.adrenalinefundraising.com Adrenaline Fundraising www.adrenalinefundraising.com TBD
AdvoCare Nutrition - Wellness, Weight Loss, Sports Performance www.advocare.com AdvoCare www.advocare.com TBD
Ampac Enterprises Inc. All-Star & UA Catcher's Gear www.all-starsports.com Ampac Enterprises, Inc www.all-starsports.com TBD
Baseball Heaven Inc. Tournament Facility www.baseballheavenli.com Baseball Heaven Inc. www.baseballheavenli.com TBD
Batting Cages USA Sports Netting www.battingcagesusa.com Batting Cages USA www.battingcagesusa.com TBD
Beacon Athletics Field Maintenance & Protective Netting www.beaconathletics.com Beacon Athletics www.beaconathletics.com TBD
Bownet Sports Sports Training Equipment www.bownet.net Bownet Sports www.bownet.net TBD
BSN Sports Sports Apparel and Equipment www.bsnsports.com BSN Sports www.bsnsports.com TBD
Champions Events Tournaments www.ChampionsEvents.org Champions Events www.ChampionsEvents.org TBD
The Coaches' Insider National Coaches Directory www.coachesinsider.com Coaches' Insider www.coachesinsider.com TBD
Connecticut Sportsplex Baseball Tournaments and Facilities www.ctsportsplex.com Connecticut Sportsplex www.ctsportsplex.com TBD
Connecticut Tigers Minor League Baseball Team www.cttigers.com Connecticut Tigers www.cttigers.com TBD
Cooperstown Bat Company Pro and Training Baseball Bats www.cooperstownbat.com Cooperstown Bat Company www.cooperstownbat.com TBD
Diamond Sports Baseball & Softball Protective Equipment www.diamond-sports.com Diamond Sports www.diamond-sports.com TBD
Disney Sports Travel Destination www.disneybaseball.com Disney Sports www.disneybaseball.com TBD
Dove Tail Bat Baseball Bats/Fungos www.dovetailbats.com Dove Tail Bat www.dovetailbats.com TBD
Dudley Softballs & Bats www.dudleysports.com Dudley www.dudleysports.com TBD
Easton Sports Baseball/Softball Equipment www.eastonsports.com Easton Sports www.eastonsports.com TBD
ESP Specialty Insurance www.espspecialty.com ESP Specialty www.espspecialty.com TBD
Fastpitch Nation & CT USSSA Fastpitch Tournaments, Instruction, Equipment www.fastpitchnation.net Fastpitch Nation & CT USSSA www.fastpitchnation.net TBD
FlightScope Sports Radar Tracking Technology www.flightscope.com FlightScope www.flightscope.com TBD
Frank Herzog Photography Sports Team Photography www.callfrankie.com Frank Herzog Photography www.callfrankie.com TBD
Franklin Sports Inc. Sporting Goods www.franklinsports.com Franklin Sports Inc. www.franklinsports.com TBD
Frank's Sports Shop Sportings Goods www.frankssports.com Frank's Sports Shop www.frankssports.com TBD
FundCrazr Sports Fundraising www.fundcrazr.com FundCrazr www.fundcrazr.com TBD
Futures Collegiate Baseball League Summer Collegiate Baseball League www.thefuturesleague.com Futures Collegiate Baseball League www.thefuturesleague.com TBD
Gold Athletics High School & Youth Sports Fundraising www.goldathletics.net Gold Athletics www.goldathletics.net TBD
The Graphic Edge Screen Print & Embroidery of Garments www.thegraphicedge.com Graphic Edge www.thegraphicedge.com TBD
Ground Force Sports Ground Force-Leg Drive Trainers www.trainwiththeking.com Ground Force Sports www.trainwiththeking.com TBD
Hartford Yard Goats Baseball Team www.yardgoatsbaseball.com Hartford Yard Goats www.yardgoatsbaseball.com TBD
JANT girl Tournament & Softball Retailer www.JANTgirl.com JANT girl www.JANTgirl.com TBD
Jaypro Sports Manufacturer of Quality Sports Equipment www.jaypro.com Jaypro Sports www.jaypro.com TBD
Latent Performance Barrel Up! Swing Mechanics Training www.barrelup.com Latent Performance LLC www.barrelup.com TBD
Lee County Sports Development Sports Tourism www.leecountysports.org Lee County Sports Development www.leecountysports.org TBD
LI Hot Stove Baseball Baseball Leagues and Tournaments www.lihotstovebaseball.com LI Hot Stove Baseball www.lihotstovebaseball.com TBD
Metro Team Outfitters Athletic Uniforms, Equipment and Apparel www.metroteamoutfitters.com Metro Team Outfitters www.metroteamoutfitters.com TBD
Mizuno Baseball/Softball Equipment www.mizunousa.com Mizuno www.mizunousa.com TBD
Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino www.mohegansun.com Mohegan Sun www.mohegansun.com TBD
New Balance Team Sporting Goods www.newbalance.com New Balance www.newbalance.com TBD
New England Collegiate Baseball League Collegiate Baseball League www.necbl.com New England Collegiate Baseball League www.necbl.com TBD
On Deck Sports Portable Pitching Mounds, Artificial Turf & Netting www.ondecksports.com On Deck Sports www.ondecksports.com TBD
Partac / Beam Clay Athletic Surfacing, Equipment & Supplies www.BeamClay.com/AEPA Partac / Beam Clay www.BeamClay.com/AEPA TBD
Performance Pitch Throwing/Pitching Training Tool www.performancepitch.com Performance Pitch www.performancepitch.com TBD
Planet Fastpitch Softball Training Facility and Instruction www.planetfastpitch.com Planet Fastpitch www.planetfastpitch.com TBD
Positive Coaching Alliance Coaching Education www.positivecoach.org Positive Coaching Alliance www.positivecoach.org TBD
Power-Tek Performance Gear Uniforms and Performance Apparel www.power-tek.com Power-Tek Performance Gear www.power-tek.com TBD
ProActive Travel Tour Operator www.proactivetravel.com ProActive Travel www.proactivetravel.com TBD
PUKKA Headwear Custom Headwear www.pukkainc.com PUKKA Inc. www.pukkainc.com TBD
Rawlings Baseball & Softball Products www.rawlings.com Rawlings www.rawlings.com TBD
The Red Ball PMT Training Baseball for Pitching www.theredballpmt.com Red Ball PMT www.theredballpmt.com TBD
Rob Monte Art Original Artwork & Prints www.facebook.com/Rob-Monte-Art-177801255575352 Rob Monte Art www.robmonteart.com TBD
Sarec Group Sports Travel Agency www.sarecgrouop.com Sarec Group LLC www.sarecgrouop.com TBD
Schutt Sports Helmets, Catching Gear, Bags, Bases www.schuttsports.com Schutt Sports www.schuttsports.com TBD
SCORE Sports Sports Apparel, Uniforms & Sports Equipment www.scoresports.com SCORE Sports www.scoresports.com TBD
Snap!Raise Online Fundraising Platform www.snap-raise.com Snap!Raise www.snap-raise.com TBD
Sports Tutor Pitching Machines www.sportstutor.com Sports Tutor www.sportstutor.com TBD
StringKing Baseball Bats www.stringking.com StringKing www.stringking.com TBD
Strong Sports Performance The Strong Spot Swing Trainer www.strongsportsperformance.com Strong Sports Performance www.strongsportsperformance.com TBD
Super East Baseball Baseball Tournaments www.supereastbaseball.com Super East Baseball www.supereastbaseball.com TBD
Team Connecticut Baseball/Boys of Summer Baseball Baseball Travel Team www.theboysofsummer.org Team Connecticut Baseball/Boys of Summer Baseball www.theboysofsummer.org TBD
Traveling Teams Team Travel www.travelingteams.com Traveling Teams www.travelingteams.com TBD
TURFACE Athletics Field Maintenance Solutions www.turface.com TURFACE Athletics www.turface.com TBD
USA Baseball - NTIS Player Identification www.newengland.usabaseballntis.com USA Baseball - NTIS www.newengland.usabaseballntis.com TBD
USA Elite Training Softball Training Facility and Instruction www.usaelitetraining.com USA Elite Training www.usaelitetraining.com TBD
USA Softball Governing Body of Softball www.usasoftball.com USA Softball www.usasoftball.com TBD
Valle Shield/Training Gloves Shield Safety Screen/Training Gloves www.thevalleshield.com Valle Shield/Training Gloves www.thevalleshield.com TBD
X-Grain Sportswear Team Apparel www.x-grain.com X-Grain Sportswear www.x-grain.com TBD
Young Bat Company Baseball Bats and Bat Novelty Products www.youngbatcompany.com Young Bat Company www.youngbatcompany.com TBD